To cover or not to cover?

Have you ever asked yourself if your space needs an area rug? I'm going to tell you that the answer is always YES!! "But you won't see the nice floors??" Please listen when I say, no one will be looking at your nice floors, rather they will be distracted by a collection of furniture that does not look like it has a place. Too harsh? Maybe, but as the cliche goes, the truth hurts! Area rugs ground your furniture, they define the space, otherwise everything looks like it is floating and not cohesive. 

What I love about an area rug is that it can change the whole feel of the room. My last area rug, in my family room, was super neutral.  It was fine, inoffensive but kind of boring. I think the tough thing about being more bold with an area rug is that area rugs are expensive!!! Most of us are afraid to make a "mistake" or choose one we think is too trendy, spend $800 on it, then two years later be sick of it. I'll share with you where I got mine and some other ideas for more economical choices.

I bought this area rug at Here is is:

It is 9x 12, so it's big. It looks like the exact one I purchased is no longer available, but here is one that has a similar feel, though slightly more traditional. is insane, in a good way! The site is massive. I highly recommend it. My rug was delivered super fast and shipping is included. I would suggest, as to avoid getting overwhelmed, you know the general colour and style of rug you are looking for, otherwise you could be on this site for months!

If it is in the budget, always go with the bigger size if you can. I much prefer the look when all the legs of the furniture are on the carpet. If you can not do this with your rug, try to make it the same of both side, i.e. don't put the sofa completely on and the chairs only half on....make sense? 

When I moved into my new home, I knew I wanted a rug with alot more colour, but with a vintage/timeless feel.  A Persian rug is the definition of timeless. This one has a mild worn look to it, so I liked that too.  

My husband was seriously confused, "Did they want it to look like that??." Yes honey, yes they did....In my perfect world, I would buy an authentic vintage Persian 100% wool rug but the budget did not allow, so this was a good Plan B.  My sofa and chairs are very neutral, so a busy area rug looks good. If I had a striped couch and polka dot chairs, I may not have gone this way.  

My second rug is from Home Depot. They have a surprisingly decent selection of rugs.  This one is a soft sisal.  Its 8 x 10 and I think I paid $120 or so. I had it in our other home. I recently layered with it a heavy hand-woven blanket I brought back from Guatemala.  

I've always liked the layered look but wasn't sure how to do it in my house. I was worried at first that the kids would trip on it, but I am happy to report that has not happened....yet. Layering is another way to stretch your dollar.  Use a more inexpensive carpet below and a more pricey one on top. I like the look too when you put the top carpet at an angle to the bottom one, like this:

I think kids and pets are the second big excuse people use to avoid purchasing area rugs. I'm sorry to say, I don't care, you still need one!!  Certainly don't get a white rug if you have a black dog that sheds a ton, and don't let your one year old walk around with an open cup of grape juice (that is why sippy cups exist!). I think the one argument that I can get behind in not having a rug, is under a dinning room table or kitchen table, if you have young kids. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE the look, but I can't pull the trigger on it.  I remember how mad my Dad would get when one of us spilt our milk at the kitchen table. Our table was wood with glass inlays, so the milk would seep under the glass and you'd have take the piece of glass out in order to clean it. I could see myself being like that, maybe not as vocal as my Dad (love you Dad!!!)  but I'd probably flinch every time it got a new stain. I actually almost bought this one from Simons recently for under our kitchen table but decided against it, just too high maintenance, but seriously, how cute is it?!

Some of my other favourite places to check out affordable rugs are: Homesense, West Elm, D+K Renewal,  Etsy and yes, even IKEA.  A few of my dream resources for rugs include Elte, ABC Home, and  Solo Rugs. Sometimes, I go to IG accounts and/or the above sites for inspiration then try to seek out a comparable, cheaper version.

I hope you all have found some helpful ideas and for those who have been sitting on the fence about that area rug you have had you eye on, just do it! :)








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